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What is a broken link?

The broken link is nothing, it is a link which is not responding at the times it is malfunctioned or dead. It won’t have a good impact if the website is down, outdated, or removed. It will damage your website’s status making it looking uglier and devasted.

The people looking on your broken website will get frustrated and make them feel low on your website. That is the reason you should always look for a broken link on your website. It allows you to take the necessary steps to bring back your website to the normal stage. You need a tool that takes care of your broken links. The tool is “Broken link finder.”

What is a broken link finder?

Have you ever found a 404 error showing when you click on a particular link? It means that the link is broken. It may be due to the below-mentioned reasons.

  • The page which you requested has been deleted.
  • The permalink of the website which you are looking for may be changed or modified.
  • The firewall or some other similar software might have blocked your website.
  • The website which you are looking for is temporarily or permanently unavailable due to some issues.

If the link of the website is broken, it makes the website look uglier. The website looks unpleasant and nasty.

If your website is facing the above-mentioned problems, not to worry, we have a solution for you. You could use our specialized tool called “Broken Link Finder” from SEOCHECKERZ.

This tool from SEOCHECKERZ will increase the credibility of your website by making the website free from broken links. It will check for the broken links on the website and will relocate them if the link is broken or lost. The tool is very user friendly and doesn’t require any complicated tasks.

How to use a broken link finder?

Step 1: use this link to find the broken link finder tool.

Step 2: you will find the URL box, enter the URL of the website you need to check.

Step 3: Click “submit.”