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Case Converter

Have you ever made capitalization errors while typing?

It takes too much time in rectifying those errors by retyping the entire text. It is quite often to make this error happening. The word processing tools are only meant for correcting grammatical errors. You may think that you can correct it only manually which takes plenty of time. No worries, SEOCHECKERZ has optimized a special tool for you. Yes, the change text case from SEOCHECKERZ allows you to change the capitalized words to the smaller words. The change text case is very easy to use and doesn’t take too much time. This case converter tool from SEOCHECKERZ allows you to change the uppercase to lowercase and vice versa. A change text case is a tool that could make all your wording requirements get fulfilled.

Change the text case tool from SEOCHECKERZ is very easy to use and doesn’t require any complicated tasks. The case of the sentence is very hard to change manually. This free change text case tool makes all the complicated cases done with ease.

Need for the case conversion:

There are some scenarios where the entire document is typed and needs some changes in the text case. What you will do is simply retype the document word by word and letter by letter. This takes you to do a difficult task which involves much time. This text case converter changes the normal sentence case to different cases based on different needs. The case convertor is very effective in making your document unique and error-free. This tool makes your work so easier and also brings a reputation to your web pages. This handy tool from SEOCHECKERZ never let you feel down. it makes each letter in your word to have a special purpose in gaining the readers of your work. There are lots of tools available on the internet but this tool is very effective.

Case converter:

The case convertor tool from SEOCHECKERZ is quite fascinating to work on the most complicated tasks in an easy go. The case converter converts text cases based on the requirement of the users. The case converter makes your document to gain the attraction from the readers. It makes the reader engaged in the content and never let them go away from the content.

The case converter gives you a variety of options to make the change in your word document. You can change the text from large cases to small, small cases to big, toggle case, sentence case, and alternative case converting options. It doesn’t take too much time and efforts to make the changes. All you need is just copy the sentence and paste it and choose the best case converting option listed below. 

What is the change text case?

The SEOCHECKERZ’ offers a wide range of SEO tools to optimize your website content. It also adds the change text case to its lineup. The change text case tool is optimized to change the text case which is done mistakenly. This change text case makes your common errors to get rectified. It will be a complex task without using a tool to change the text case manually. But, with the help of the tool, you need not invest your time by retyping the words from the beginning. This change text case tool is an automated tool that converts the capitalized text cases to the smaller text case and smaller text case to the larger one. Various functions that come with this tool are as below:

Changing the text case to toggle case:

The Toggle case is effective for inviting attention. This function lets you specify the first word as small and the remaining words as capital. Toggle cases are used most often to attract readers. Mostly the big brands make use of the toggle cases to make an impression and to show their uniqueness. The toggle case tool is best suited for the beautification of the headline. The big brands purposefully use these attraction ideas to gather the viewer’s attention. For example, the popular E-commerce website eBay makes use of these toggle cases. Likewise, you too can make your content to gain the impression from the audience.

Example: tOGGLE cASE.

Sentence case:

This tool allows you to make the sentence typed error-free. It capitalizes the first letter of a sentence. The sentence case type is mostly used in journals and newspaper articles. They are also called as down style or reference style. Sentence cases make the first word of a sentence to be converted into getting capitalized. It is the same as our word processing tool, but you can use this tool to make sure of the error-free document. The sentencing case from the SEOCHECKERZ finds the proper nouns in the sentences and capitalizes automatically making it perfect to read.

Example: Sentence case tool.

Lower case:

The lower case makes the entire words in a paragraph to lower case. There are some scenarios where you might have typed a big document and thought to change the larger case to smaller ones. It is very difficult to change them manually. It is a difficult task and involves much time to retype the entire letters. This tool lets you do this toughest job done in a fraction of seconds.

Example: lower case tool.

Upper case:

This function makes the entire words to be typed as upper case. There are sometimes where the entire sentence is to be typed into big letters. But, it will be difficult to retype the entire sentence. You could make use of this uppercase modifier for this purpose. It makes your hectic tasks to be completed in seconds. Just copy the words you have typed and paste it on our tool, it will automatically change the scenarios in a few seconds.


Upper case to lower case:

The most often used case convertor is the upper case and lower case tools. These case converter tools are quite brilliant in making your text looking good. Making a very good impression of these two tools from the case convertor tool gives you a simplified task. It is tough to go through each letter and changing the lower case to upper case and vice versa. This case converter tool lets you feel free. The upper and lower case are easily interchanged without making an effect.

Capitalize word tool:

This function allows you to change the first letter of a word to be typed as a capitalized case. The capitalized word is mostly used in web pages. The topic of the web pages is mostly followed in this format. This increases the credibility of the website. The capitalized word allows you to make the first letter of a word to get capitalized. This is a perfect one for the topics. The topics using this capitalize word format will be looking good enough to gain the readers of a page. This increases the reputation of a page.

Example: Top Selling Mobile Phones Under In 2020.

Alternate case:

An alternate case makes the alternative words to be typed as smaller to capital and capital to smaller. The alternate case will make each word typed into alternative formats. This case format will change the normalcase of writing to the next level of writing. It will make changes after each letter is typed. The capital letter is followed by a small letter and a small letter is followed by the capital letter.

Example: aLtErNaTiVe.

How to use it ? & Who use it most probabily

This very simple tool and you just needed to copy the document you required to change. Head on to the and find the change text case tool. Paste the words that need to be changed. Now click on the function you required to change with that word. You will find the text case is changed. 

This case conversion tool gives you the best word case conversion option. Make use of these tools to make your content appealing to the readers by making them engaged. Make use of all the case converting options to the fullest and make your document looking good and appealing. 

Most Probabily this tool used by digital marketer to change the case while creating content for website or while blogging. using this tool anyone can change the case of full content if someone required sentense case then afterfull stop each first word will be capitalized and so on.

 Step 1- Copy Your Content Which You want to convert 

step 2- visit 

Step 3- Paste the content into box

Step 4- Select which case you required to convert your text. 

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