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About Class C Ip Checker

Every device that is connected to the World Wide Web, or any other device via the internet, is assigned a unique address that is dedicated to that particular device. The entire internet identifies that device by that IP address. It is a 32-bit address that works by the internet protocol. It is consisting of 4 dot-separated parts.

What is Class C IP?

This type of IP address is usually bought by ISPs and sold to retail users like us. They are the least costly and are usually shared address. Thus, in case you have a dynamic Class C IP, and while your site is passive or does not have traffic, then that particular C Class IP is assigned to some other user.

Why is Class C IP Checker Important?

Class C IP is assigned to small institutions or companies. But sometimes, it may happen that sharing the same Class C IP is may be harmful to your website. How? Well, some sites are blacklisted by search engines due to some factors. The blacklisting is not only based on the domain name but also the IP address. Thus, any blacklisted website sharing the same Class C IP as your website can eventually lead to your website being blacklisted, even without any valid reason. Thus, a high-quality Class C IP checker is important for SEO purposes.

Check for duplicate IP Address:

SEOCheckerz is offering an easy to use the tool, to check for duplicate IPs that are websites that use the same IP address. Follow these steps to use this tool.

Step 1: Click on this link “

Step 2: In the Empty Box, give the domains which you would like to check for the same IP.

Step 3: Click on the Submit Button.

Step 4: Great! Now you can see the results.

This SEO Checker tool shows you the results in a tabular form. It will show 3 fields, first the host or domain that you had provided, its IP address and its Class C address for each domain. Thus, this way you can compare all the entered IPs for any kind of duplication or see which other domains share the same Class C IP.