Digital Marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

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Digital Marketing: Expectation vs. Reality

08/31/2020 12:00 AM by Admin in Digital marketing

Digitalization paves the way for addressing the customer needs and finding the solution for their approaches. Marketing plays a vital role in making the product or services reaching customers. However, some people are dreaming of easy success through digital marketing. But things are not favorable for them as the reality is different to some extent.

Especially the small scale entrepreneurs expect a lot from digital marketing and get disappointed after seeing the reality. There is a huge difference between reality and what you expect. So, there is a need to understand real facts and what you can expect.

Let us see what's the expectation and how comes the reality in this blog.

More visibility attracts the customers

Some folks are marketing the product or services through social media. They give utmost importance to the look and not to the dealings and renderings. The customer values the product only after using it not only by seeing the product online and the number of followings it has.

It is very important to maintain the conversion rate of selling. It is very easy to make the audience look into the product, but difficult to make them buy. You may undergo many tactics to derive the traffic but the result should be very pleasant. If it is unpleasant the buyer will not come back to your page.

Uniqueness is enough to gather the audience

This is the second myth that comes across new digital marketers. They just think that making the brand new logo and fine-looking product outlook is enough to get the people. But the reality is different. The consumers are very rational and have enough knowledge in choosing the product.

Bringing innovative content is very good but quality plays a major role here. So, it is very important to give preference to both the quality and uniqueness.

The innovative strategy along with the increased engagement is the major driving force to gain the attraction.

Paid ads give more $

Yes, paid ads generally make the product to appear in several places. But, your content should be top-notched to make them visit again and again. The viewer will click on your add only if it is very attractive. So, make an informative ad which is the driving force of attracting traffic for your product.

But only the attraction is not enough. The reality is different than what we expect here. People view your product by the design and outlook it renders. But, they value only after using the product or seeing the reviews of the users. So, again the quality matters.

Make sure of the quality before marketing as the name matters the most. Once the product fails, then it is very difficult to make an impact.

In the end, we can say digital marketing is a must to take the business to the next level. But reality demands much more than that to promote the business. The different strategies should be adopted based on proper research. These are the essentials to be noted.


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