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What is a Search Engine Spider Simulator?


There are three search engines namely google yahoo and live search, each search the engine has a  software program called a search engine spider that crawls the world wide web and reads the content of each web page. Once the search engine spider has read the content of the site including things like the alt tags and the meta tags it drops what it finds into an algorithm and calculates what the website is about.

The Working

The algorithm also factors in data such as inbound links frequency of updates to the site length of time the site has been active and a host of other information that helps makes the search query accurate. The search engine also uses behavioural modelling to calculate the searches interests, that way if you are a car enthusiast and you type in the word Lincoln you get information on the car and not the President. By understanding how the search engine spiders work and by using some of the SEO technique available on the website you can work to improve the organic search ranking of your site. SEO brings out the information related to the typed word in the search engine, the SEO is powered at back with the help of Google spider.

How is it done?

Google spider tends to store the main keyword of different sites and uses it when a specific user type that keyword in the search panel in any search engine. During that time the search engine shows a huge of websites that hold the typed word in the search panel. Whenever you try to search for a specific popular website you would have noticed that mostly there won’t be any lag during the opening of the site in a new tab, this happens when that site is marked in the list of the top website’s category and google spider manages all these things without any lag and error in the site. The google spider reads a website right from the title to the tail and notes all the keywords mentioned in the site and collects the information of the site like what’s the main theme and what is the website for and much more by collection all these information when the user type in a keyword that relates to this website then it shows this website in the search-related output. The ranking is the site based on the visitor’s amount and the spikes created it also marks that site in the top list depending upon its usage by all the users.