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About Word Counter

Word Counter

What is a word counter?

Word counter is nothing but an external source or a portal that allows you to find the estimate of the number of words that are present in the document or a file of yours. You can check the total number of words in it with any additional hassle. The word counter can calculate the number of text present in any passage that you want to count. When the document is represented in any format whether it is in words or numbers, the counting process must be done accurately. The limit about the wordcount must be severely followed in many academic writings, journaling and some advertising process.

Use of this tool

Many at times it is very difficult to estimate the number of words that are present in a particular passage is the document is in the format of presentation or excel. When it is a word document it is easy to find the number of words that are present in a whole or by passage. The difficulty in estimation is reduced by the functioning of word count software or tool. Following such a step you can save the trouble, effort and time in counting the word on a whole scale. This feature is also used in counting the words that are in many syllables and can check up to more a lakh and thousands of words in a single click. This software or tool can be a great help in the estimation and presentation process in office usage.

How does it function?

When you upload the file that has to be estimated and counted for the number of words or copy-paste the number of passages, then the tool automatically begins its coding process. It counts the total number of pages, the number of words that are written in a single passage etc. at the bottom of the display bar the result of the counting process is displayed and then you can save it as a file format or just a note of reference. You need to reload it if the number of words isn’t displayed in the bar below.

Step 1- Copy your content 


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Step 3- Press count word button you will get result.

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