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This Tool is basically used to check hosting and domain dns status and information.

There are plenty of websites operational and live on the internet. So, to discover a site and where it's being facilitated from requires an index, without which it would be for all intents and purposes difficult to track down sites. DNS represents Domain Name System which is the biggest advanced database for the web on the planet. This database contains data about each site on the planet. Each site and each machine that goes ahead the web has an IP address which is an advanced location. The space name of a site is put away alongside its IP address in this database. The information documents that advise a web worker how to react to a solicitation by an inquiry program are known as DNS records.


In the PC language, DNS records are called "planning documents". When a web worker sends a solicitation by a client to visit a specific site, the solicitation is sent to the DNS database. This database looks into its records, finds the site's IP address, and advances it to the mentioning worker. In the wake of getting this data, the mentioning worker utilizes the IP address to discover the site and show it to the client who started the solicitation.


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At the point when you are on the site page, type in the region name of the site whose DNS records you need it to get. On the other hand, go to and type in the search box: "find DNS records" . Press 'Submit', and in seconds it will reestablish the DNS records of the territory. Here you can see all DNS records for space. Directly you can take a gander at the records and see the IP address recorded in the 'A' type record. The once-over will in like manner contain 'NS,' 'SOA,' 'MX', and 'TXT' records.