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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Every website has its own pros and cons while functioning. Some may appear beautiful while some may appear misaligned, while others may seem to have overlapping elements. These unwanted situations can be avoided by using a simple source code viewer, which allows you to get source code of any web page that you like. With reference to the source code of pages of other flawless websites, one can tweak the HTML arrangements for one’s own website in a similar fashion.

What is Web Page Source Code?

Web Page Source Code is the program that runs behind any page of your website. It is responsible for the appearance as well as smooth functioning of any web page on your website. It consists of the HTML code along with links or references to external scripts or style sheets. It is a well formatted, programmatic version of a web page with properly ordered elements and HTML tags.

Why is source code important?

Source code is the backbone of a web page. Search engines crawl your websites and analyze your web page source codes. While your web page may appear flawless to you, but in the back end, there may be missing elements like header tags, meta tags, etc which are needed for search engines to put your site for indexing. Other than that, if your site or web pages show problematic behavior at times, say elements not appearing or misaligned or not loading, that is because certain program lines that may hinder a smooth page render. These problems can be identified while comparing your source code along with another reference website or a web page that does not show such issues. This way, you can make changes to your web page HTML code and make it run as you want.

Viewing the source code:

Here on SEO Checkerz, there is great tool that can enable you to get the source code of any web page you wish to refer. Follow these steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on this link

Step 2: In the “Enter a URL”field, give the URL of the web page whose source code you would like to see.

Step 3:Next, you will see a red button that says, “Get Source Code”. Click on it.

Step 4: Voila! You are done. Down below in the result box, you can see the entire source code of the web page whose URL you had entered.

Get source code of all the web pages that you like by using this tool on SEO Checkerz. Make your websites as good as others with reference to their page source codes with minimum efforts.