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All you know is that your site's prevalence is on the ascent and sites are mentioning links to your site. By and large, these locales are selling related items or administrations. They need to intrigue your guests to visit their site through the link. They may likewise need to put an advertisement on their site on yours. In the first place, you should check your site's back links. By doing this, you will get a rundown of your entire site's inward just as outside links.

What is the Link Price Calculator

It is a tool to illuminate you about how often a link is visited day by day, month to month, and yearly; in this way, you can choose whether you ought to go for building a link building or not. A ton of site bosses and proprietors are dumbfounded concerning link prices. To compute link prices you need a link price calculator. Link prices are what famous sites will charge you on the off chance that you need to link to their site. Furthermore, if you don't have a clue what you should burn night a site that means to link to your site. You can go to SEOcheckerz and utilize the link price calculator tool.

The purpose of Link Price Calculator

You should utilize the link price calculator in two situations. One, you need to buy links to a site, or you need to offer links to your site. In either case, you should utilize a link price calculator as you would have no clue about purchasing and selling web links. Since the web isn't kept to any single territory and is around the world, you don't have the foggiest idea who and from where is taking a gander at your webpage. Likewise, you won't have any thoughts regarding the price of your site or its links.

How to use “Link Price Calculator”

Stage 1: Click on this link

Stage 2:  In the "Enter up to 100 URL ", give the links of your URL which you have to check it for domain price.

Stage 3: After entering the URL link click on the submit catch to get your domain price.

Stage 4: After that, it will show you that your domain approximate price.