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Have you ever noticed the delay in loading the web page? The reason is the size of the web page is bigger and it takes quite a long time to load the entire web page. If there are more photos, videos and animated content it will make a bigger space in the webserver. So, the results may be delayed if the viewer clicks on the website.

The viewers may not waste the time waiting for the web page to display the contents. The size of the page should be limited or else, it makes your website run out of organic traffic. So, there is a need for checking the page size of your web page also withstanding the quality content.

What is the page size checker tool?

The page size checker tool from SEOCHECKERZ allows you to have an eye in the size of your web page. It gives you the complete details of media usage like audio, embedded video, animations, etc.., More the number of media on a webpage, slower the website. It is important to note the performance of the website to derive traffic. This tool ultimately fetches the details and displays the accurate amount of space it takes making the web page slower.

Reasons to use this tool:

If you are worried about the less traffic and don’t know the reason even though making the website more colorful, the reason may be its size. To find the accurate size of your website use this powerful tool which does not make you worried.

This freeware tool brings out the exact number of space the web page uses. It is very fast and reliable allowing you to check the size of your web page free of cost.

How to use SEOCHECKERZ' Page Size Checker Tool?

Click on this link: It will take you to the Page size checker tool. After entering the URL of your web page, click on the submit button.

Now, you could find the accurate size of your web page and how much media is taking the space on your web page.